LIVED IN COMBAT CONDITIONS FOR 12 MONTHS. While his family faced eviction at home.

While Servicemembers are deployed, their Families often face difficult financial pressures. Stress and strain on spouses, children and adult dependents can be intensified by creditors, bill collectors, landlords and lenders.

There are legal remedies available.

Since 2003, the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) has allowed those serving on active duty to focus on their missions by relieving unnecessary or unfair financial stress on their Families. SCRA limits the enforcement of civil liabilities, leases, installment contracts, mortgages and liens such as:

Credit card interest

Mortgage payments

Pending trials


Terminations of lease

Federal law ensures that Servicemembers and their Families are not hurt financially as a result of their service. By temporarily suspending or postponing civil proceedings, SCRA helps demonstrate that our nation values the sacrifices of these individuals.

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